15 Jun '12, 5pm

@evanphx Do you know how we can regenerate the Rubinius documentation site at these days?

What is Rubinius? Getting Started Requirements Building Running Rubinius Troubleshooting Contributing Communication Style Guide Ruby Scripts Methods Constants Classes & Modules Blocks & Procs Local Variables Instance Variables Class Variables Global Variables Specs RubySpec Compiler Specs Build System Bootstrapping Virtual Machine Instructions Custom Dispatch Logic Bytecode Compiler Parser Stage AST Generator Stage Encoder Stage Packager Stage Writer Stage Printers Transformations Customizing the Pipeline JIT Compiler Garbage Collector Nursery Young Generation Mature Generation Large Objects Rubinius Systems Primitives FFI Concurrency IO C-API Tools Debugger Profiler Memory Analysis How-To Write a Ticket Write a Ruby Spec Fix a Failing Spec Write Benchmarks Write a Blog Post Write Documentation Translate Documentation Commit to Github Appendix A - Glossary Appendix B - Rea...

Full article: http://rubini.us/doc/en