26 Jun '12, 1am

@1337807 @j3 and/or monkeypatching

A gem providing "time travel" and "time freezing" capabilities, making it dead simple to test time-dependent code. It provides a unified method to mock Time.now, Date.today, and DateTime.now in a single call.

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/timecop


markitup_erb-rails | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 04 Jul '12, 2am

Vanilla markItUp! for Rails 3.x, works with ERB, so, no extra gems needed like SCSS (huh?) or LESS. It comes with these se...

ox | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 28 Jun '12, 4am

A fast XML parser and object serializer that uses only standard C lib. Optimized XML (Ox), as the name implies was written...