07 Jul '12, 3pm

Sorry, we have severe trouble with issues being shown up in wrong #redmine (forge) projects. A rails expert here? ~stg

Frequently some user can accidentally press the 'Create' button twice (or more times) when creating a new subtask. In this case, not only the issue will be created a lot of times, but the issue tree will be corrupted. I guess the insertion is being done without transaction isolation, and the lft and rgt fields are being calculated in the wrong conditions. Although the bug reproduction depends on certain conditions, it's easy to reproduce it: 1. Press 'Add' to add some subtask to a existing issue 2. Fill some data in the new subtask 3. Press the 'Create' button a lot of times quickly, without wait the submit's end After that, there will be some issues as grandson issues (not children issues as expected), but the parent task will be the right one. I created a example of this problem on the redmine demo, at http://demo.redmine.org/issues/33583 All subtasks 'dd' in this exampl...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/6579