07 Jul '12, 5pm


Biogem is community developed plugins for the BioRuby. See the complete list , generic information , README , HOWTO and Tutorial . We will discontinue our bug tracking system on RubyForge . Instead, please use Redmine system provided at O|B|F for bug reports. We had the first BioRuby world wide IRC conference on Dec 19th 2010 and agreed to continue weekly IRC meeting on every Thursday (details ). The log is available here . Project overview BioRuby project provides an integrated environment in bioinformatics for the Ruby language. This project is supported by University of Tokyo (Human Genome Center), Kyoto University (Bioinformatics Center) and the Open Bio Foundation . Reference BioRuby: Bioinformatics software for the Ruby programming language Naohisa Goto, Pjotr Prins, Mitsuteru Nakao, Raoul Bonnal, Jan Aerts and Toshiaki Katayama Bioinformatics (2010) 26(20): 2617-261...

Full article: http://www.bioruby.org/