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Hi Colin, Thanks for the response . I have spent enough time debugging my rails app and found that the default code generated by the rails itself is buggy. I have created a new scaffold for the resource Trial. After creating a new entry, the index page of the resource shows up stale data. (I start creating a new record, i get a message record created successfully, only to see that the index page doesnt show up any record). I had put up print statement in the controller index and saw that the statement "@trails = Trial.all" returns nothing. But if i do a "rake db:migrate" (which i dont have to do) the updated data shows up. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any info. Im using rails version 3.2.4 My class controller Class TrialsController < ApplicationController # GET /trials # GET /trials.json def index @trials = Trial.all respond_to do...

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I'm having fun with a legacy DB (SQL Server), and in the process found some code in rails/lib/tasks/databases.rake which f...

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