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"I signed up for an elegant syntax and all I got was this grammar dependency graph." #Ruby

"I signed up for an elegant syntax and all I got was this grammar dependency graph." #Ruby

I haven’t even begun to absorb all the meanings from this picture, but one stark difference between Ruby and the other two is the node in the middle of the picture with a high concentration of outgoing edges. That node is called primary in the grammar definition, and it is probably one of the reasons that Ruby syntax is so flexible and forgiving. A primary node’s direct children apparently represent a large portion of the syntax, and explain why in Ruby a single statement can either be a literal, a method invocation (or series of them), a standalone expression (such as a < b ), all the way up to larger syntactic groupings such as

Full article: http://blog.nicksieger.com/articles/2006/10/27/visualizat...



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Recently I was looking at creating a patch for Mocha that would allow you to specify a class as an argument. The feature w...

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Ruby についてもっと詳しく知りたい方はリファレンスマニュアル を読んでください。 オブジェクト指向スクリプト言語 Ruby リファレンスマニュアル Ruby の詳細は、ほぼリファレンスマニュアルに記載されています。 Ruby で何を出来るの...

Code School - TryRuby: Ruby cool beginner tutorial

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Does Ruby Have Too Many Equality Tests?:

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Does Ruby Have Too Many Equality Tests? This guest post is by Eric Anderson , who develops web-based applications for smal...

Wow. Our Ruby BBS just had his 10. birthday.

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Wenn Ruby on Rails brandneu für dich ist, stelle deine Fragen bitte hier.

@peterc Thanks for mentioning minitest-rails in...

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GitHub Takes $100m of Funding The Ruby world celebrates its latest home grown business success, GitHub, who this week anno...

Bundler: The best way to manage Ruby applications

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As a result, bundler comes with a --deployment flag that encapsulates the best practices for using bundler in a deployment...

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Ruby Patterns: Method with options Posted by rlmflores on July 16, 2012 — 0 comments I've just wrote a blog post about the...

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The Model layer represents your domain model (such as Account, Product, Person, Post ) and encapsulates the business logic...

Ruby für Umsteiger:

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Wenn du zum ersten Mal Ruby-Code siehst, wird er dich wahrscheinlich an andere Programmiersprachen erinnern, die du benutz...