17 Jul '12, 1pm


rm user wrote: did you use lightbox? or if i click on image it'd be just a link to full-image ? No lightbox, just a link to the full image. You can have a look at r9933 for more details. any example here? what about 1.4 version - will it be included there as well? No example here, feature was committed today in trunk. I'm afraid it won't be merged into 1.4-stable. OK, thanks, I will use lightbox plugin for now :) It works perfect and handy. What about large images pasted into comments / issue descriptions / wiki ? (it'd be good to automatically resize them and display full-sized on click).

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Nike's 20 Years of Innovation #WBF Display // 1992 - 1995

Nike's 20 Years of Innovation #WBF Display // 1...

solecollector.com 15 Jul '12, 7am

words & images // Nick DePaula While Nike is of course proud of their latest innovation that's on grand display all weeken...