18 Jul '12, 9am

Jenkinsだけじゃないんですね、チャック・ノリスがここにも!RT @chirdeeptomar: Lol Redmine's Chuck Norris plugin

This plugin modifies the Project overview tab showing a random Chuck Norris fact. Chuck will also approve the project if more than 50% issues are closed.

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_chuck_norris


Jay Leno

Jay Leno

greencarreports.com 17 Jul '12, 12pm

Well, I wouldn't pay $78,000 for any vehicle, except possibly a classic as an investment. Obviously, realized MPG for a ve...

Converse Chuck Taylor Customs for Wiz Khalifa

Converse Chuck Taylor Customs for Wiz Khalifa

nicekicks.com 19 Jul '12, 5pm

Smash singles result in celebratory customs for Wiz Khalifa. Artist Ben Smith of Brush Footwear tributes the songs “Black ...

Milestones - Plugins - Redmine

redmine.org 22 Jul '12, 10pm

This version has been tested with redmine branches 1.3 and 1.4 as far as with MySQL and PostgresSQL RDBMS. Clone repositor...