18 Jul '12, 6pm

A Clojure-like Lisp on Rubinius? Why yes! https://t.co/vEJykV7N See other projects using the Rubinius language platform

The following is an alphabetical list of projects that leverage the excellent technology found in Rubinius, from the bytecode interpreter to the JIT compiler to the various tools written in Ruby, like the bytecode compiler. If your project uses Rubinius, please submit a patch to add it to our list! Akin github.com/vic/akin An Akin programming language optimized for fun. Apricot github.com/programble/apricot A Clojure-like Lisp programming language. Atomy github.com/vito/atomy The Atomy programming language. Brainfuck github.com/txus/brainfuck A Brainfuck implementation. Capuchin github.com/matthewd/capuchin A JavaScript implementation. Convinius github.com/rkh/convinius Convenience library for Rubinius-only projects. Ez-Scheme github.com/ezmobius/ez-scheme A Scheme. Fancy github.com/bakkdoor/fancy The Fancy Programming Language - Fancy is a dynamic, object-oriented program...

Full article: http://rubini.us/projects


No sexist language please!

No sexist language please!

loyarburok.com 19 Jul '12, 3pm

Different cultures have it’s own unique way when it comes to the use of languages, just as taking the picture of a couple,...