26 Jul '12, 10pm

Rails 3.2.7が出て、セキュリティfixが含まれるという事は、そろそろRedmine 2.0.4が出る頃。 ちなみにRedmine 2.1.0は、2012/9/23リリース予定らしい。

Defect #2071 : Reordering priority-enumerations breaks alternate-theme's issue-colouring Defect #2190 : Month names not translated to german Defect #8978 : LDAP timeout if an LDAP auth provider is unreachable Defect #10928 : Documentation about generating a plugin is not up-to-date Defect #11073 : UserCustomField order_statement returns wrong output Defect #11153 : Default sorting for target version is DESC instead of ASC Defect #11304 : Issue-class: status-1, status-2 etc. refer to status position instead of status id Defect #11331 : Openid registration form should not require user to enter password Defect #11345 : Context menu should show shared versions when editing issues from different projects Defect #11388 : Updating a version through rest API returns invalid JSON Defect #11389 : Warning in awesome_nested_set.rb Feature #703 : Configurable required fields per tracke...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/versions/47