29 Jul '12, 7pm

お。これはきになるプラグイン。 Agile Dwarf - Plugins - Redmine

Manage your agile dev team in a smart and intuitive way Watch your project make headway, match progress against estimates, create and assign tasks in one click, know instantly who’s working on what in a clear kanban-like environment. All this and much more becomes possible with Agile Dwarf, a new powerful open source Scrum tool. Agile Dwarf by http://www.iressources.com seamlessly integrates into your Redmine and makes project management enjoyable and hassle-free! It’s intuitive. It’s fast. It’s FREE. And it plays well with all versions of Redmine. No mine is complete without a dwarf. Your Redmine needs one!

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/agile_dwarf


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redmine.org 22 Jul '12, 10pm

This version has been tested with redmine branches 1.3 and 1.4 as far as with MySQL and PostgresSQL RDBMS. Clone repositor...

Anyone? #redmine

redmine.org 31 Jul '12, 4pm

every time I upgrade my redmine installation I need to figure out how to set the permissions on the directories. The instr...