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rails で機械採番の id が URL に含まれることに違和感を感じたり、きれいな URL を作りたい場合に friendly_id gem が使えそう / “#314 Pretty URLs with FriendlyId

If you are tired of model ids in the URL, overriding to_param can only get you so far. The friendly_id plugin can help by making it easy to generate a URL slug and maintain a history.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/314-pretty-urls-with-frien...


URL Naming Best Practices

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The URL of a webpage is an important factor as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Right after the title tags ...

Noted with Style - Collection #314

Noted with Style - Collection #314

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Noted with Style - Collection #314 August 2nd, 2012 There must be a reason why the classic smoky eyes look appeal to women...

Railscasts - About Railscasts:

Railscasts - About Railscasts:

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RailsCasts is produced by Ryan Bates (rbates on Twitter and ryanb on GitHub). A new episode will be released each week fea...

Hi dearies, Collection #314 now launched! Shop away

Hi dearies, Collection #314 now launched! Shop ...

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A stylish watercolour floral printed dress with a skater skirt bottom // Keyhole back detail Tapered, non-banded waist // ...