02 Aug '12, 9pm

Check it out- the Braintree ruby gem has officially been downloaded over half a million times:

Ruby library for integrating with the Braintree Gateway

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/braintree


search | | your community gem host < "-rails"で検...

rubygems.org 04 Aug '12, 4pm

Displaying Rubygem 1 - 30 of 630 in total 2,780,198 downloads rspec-rails (2.11.0) RSpec for Rails 3,848,847 downloads jqu...

truffle-hog | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 04 Aug '12, 7am

Finds RSS and Atom feed urls in html like a hog finds truffles. Tasty, delicious feeds... er, truffles.

swift-db-postgres - Swift adapter for #PostgreS...

rubygems.org 03 Aug '12, 1pm

swift-db-postgres 0.2.3 Swift adapter for PostgreSQL database install gem install swift-db-postgres Download Documentation...

@bhavint Writing a #Ruby gem is quite easy

@bhavint Writing a #Ruby gem is quite easy

rubylearning.com 30 Jul '12, 3am

To solve various problems with Ruby, you might develop your own libraries. Also, you might want to open-source your librar...

gem push した

rubygems.org 05 Aug '12, 4pm

motion-fontawesome 0.0.1 ease to use Font Awesome via RubyMotion install gem install motion-fontawesome Download Documenta...

#link: word_stats | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 06 Aug '12, 11pm

word_stats 0.0.1 Provides a set of methods useful for analysis of plaintext install gem install word_stats Download Docume...

prepend | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 08 Aug '12, 5am

prepend 0.1.5 Prepend modules in front of a class install gem install prepend Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Autho...