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Nesting resources #rails

I believe you are getting into why DHH said this will help you make better controllers. I am working on a e-book for modelling REST and resources in Rails. Right off the bat, you should be thinking about your use cases and the flow of your application. Jamis, didn’t you blog something about starting with a user interface first? In REST , you provide consistent URIs to your resources. A RESTful request to the server includes all the information it needs to dish out your resource, whatever it may be. In this case, a new comment needs the note_id that it belongs to. You can include the id in your POST to create the comment. Rails’ notion of a resource just puts the id in the URL and extracts it for you. Think of POST /notes/1/comments as convenient and only used because you were given a named_route that made it easy for you to use. As I mentioned, normally you might be includ...

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On shared hosts, Apache sometimes doesn’t pass authentication headers to FCGI instances. If your environment matches this ...

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$ rails foo $ cd foo $ rails g scaffold User name:string invoke active_record create db/migrate/20100526195347_create_user...

A Gold Medal Roundup Of Online Olympics Resources

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There are tons of Internet information resources that can help enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the games. Hopefull...

When sustainability meets human resources

When sustainability meets human resources

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For many, the nexus between sustainability and human resources is an intangible one. As a sustainability recruiter, I live...

Rails 3.2.8.rc2 has been released

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Rails 3.2.8.rc2 has been released. If no regressions are found we will release 3.2.8 final around Wednesday 8th. IMPORTANT...