09 Aug '12, 2pm

Adhearsion 2.1.0 is out with initial support for FREESWITCH

Adhearsion 2.1.0 is out with initial support for FREESWITCH Posted by jsgoecke on August 09, 2012 — 0 comments The Adhearsion team just launched v2.1.0 with a major new feature. It has been a long time coming and oft asked feature, and now Adhearsion has initial support for FREESWITCH . This expands Adhearsion's vision of being the development framework for telephony. With support for Asterisk and PRISM . Comments “ ” Post a Comment Comment abilities for non registered users are currently deactivated, pending time to add a proper CAPTCHA to solve the escalating spam problem. Sorry!

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/8050-adhearsion-2-1-0-is-ou...


@ronindotca yes but doesn't support it.

redmine.org 10 Aug '12, 9am

It appears part of the divide here is caused by people trying to use the issue tracker for things that are not issues. Mee...

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