11 Aug '12, 9am

#yokohamarb 確かにdelegate便利そう。 delegate (Module) - APIdock

class method to easily expose contained objects’ methods as your own. Pass one or more methods (specified as symbols or strings) and the name of the target object via the :to option (also a symbol or string). At least one method and the

Full article: http://apidock.com/rails/Module/delegate


"Feel free to shoot your own foot"

apidock.com 07 Aug '12, 9am

Removes the definition of the given constant, returning that constant’s value. Although predefined classes/modules also ca...

Ruby Constructs: Class, Module and Mixin

rubyflow.com 31 Jul '12, 10pm

Ruby Constructs: Class, Module and Mixin Posted by mattetti on July 31, 2012 — 0 comments I wrote an overview of some of t...