30 Sep '15, 6pm

Build a realtime app with #Ruby on the frontend & backend w/@segphault at our meetup tonight @compose…

Excitement around using containers in production has reached epic proportion. But long before there were open source container companies on the scene, Compose was provisioning databases with Linux container (LXC) technology. JP Philips shares how Compose hosts more than 100,000 open source databases (including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch and RethinkDB) using its own build technology, and new production-ready databases can be provisioned in minutes. In this presentation, we will dive into the code and demonstrate how we configure a new database using container technology and optimize it for performance, replication, failover and auto-scaling the best way we know how, get a new open source database up and running on the Compose platform

Full article: http://www.meetup.com/Compose-Meetup/events/225510536/