30 Nov '15, 9am

Join us tomorrow evening in Ghent and let's code together. https://t.co/WVhYkj6yGo #ruby #rails #Ghent #belgiun

Our second meetup will be a simple hack-meeting where you can share a problem or look for somebody who als has interest in a new thing that came out. So, let's code together. It's simple: bring your current code problem, code on an open source project, or just come to help. Catering: pizzas and drinks, 10 Euros. We'll order pizza once everybody arrived. Don't hesitate to share in the comments what you'd like to work on, I list them below. List of projects: • ... --- For now Openminds will host the monthly Ghent BRUG meetups. If you or your company want to sponsor food or drink, please contact us.

Full article: http://www.meetup.com/brug__/events/226908888/


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calendars.techvenue.com 07 Dec '15, 5am

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