29 Mar '16, 7pm

Processing large CSV files with Ruby

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Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/p/kgzygb-processing-large-csv-fil...


#OpenSource is a "big time saver" #IBMi

ow.ly 28 Mar '16, 5pm

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Ruby 2.1.9 Released

ruby-lang.org 30 Mar '16, 10am

By the way, we are planning to release Ruby 2.1.10 in a few days. Ruby 2.1.10 will not include any changes from 2.1.9, exc...

Toyota files patent for augmented reality HUD tech

Toyota files patent for augmented reality HUD tech

paultan.org 29 Mar '16, 3am

Toyota has filed a patent for a new head-up display (HUD) system that will incorporate augmented reality technology. Unlik...

Ruby 2.1.10 リリース https://t.co/yCW6zqmxMU

ruby-lang.org 01 Apr '16, 1am

Posted by usa on 1 Apr 2016 Ruby 2.1.10 がリリースされました。 これは安定版 2.1 系列の TEENY リリースです。 が、これは正規のリリースではありますが、プロダクション環境での利用を意図したもので...

Ruby 2.1.9 リリース https://t.co/lUuxKrUGxU

ruby-lang.org 30 Mar '16, 11am

https://cache.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/2.1/ruby-2.1.9.tar.bz2 SIZE: 12016421 bytes SHA1: 39524185b580a3390a3b5019819c8b28d32...

#GoogleVisionAPI plus #Ruby gives Picguard: the...

netguru.co 06 Apr '16, 4pm

Nowadays, visual content is a major part of most websites. This means that every time we, at Netguru, build a Rails applic...