05 Oct '12, 10pm

The Rails View: The Junk Drawer Grows Up on Oct 17th by John Athayde (@boboroshi).

For something different, we will be opening this meetup with a small bout of geek comedy from comedian Derek Williams. Huge thanks to Brandon Flade for the idea and introductions! The Rails View - You like Ruby. You know how to write it and refactor it. Controllers and Models are Ruby: fantastic, superb! Views, on the other hand, while Ruby — are also mixed with HTML, JavaScript (or CoffeeScript), and CSS (or SCSS). In this mixed environment it’s easy to drop your high code standards and turn the top of the Rails stack into a nasty, brittle mess just to get things done. How do you recover, or even better, avoid the trap in the first place? How can you get to the point where you treat your views like code you’re confident in? We'll cover 10 simple rules you can follow immediately to transform the way you write, think, and feel about Rails views. We'll also look at some cutt...

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