13 Oct '12, 12pm

Decoupling the database in Rails - how and why I avoid nested attributes

One issue that caused me a lot of pain on my first few rails projects was the natural coupling that developed between the database and the rest of my application. The “skinny controller, fat model” mantra has been the prevalent in the Rails community since the early days. The problem with this philosophy is that it is only 50% accurate. If you are building good object oriented software, you shouldn’t have a fat anything. When all of your business logic is encased in ActiveRecord objects, there can be some unfortunate consequences: things become difficult to reason about, it is hard to test objects in isolation and changing the database schema is a painful process that demands updates to many parts of the application.

Full article: http://matthewrobertson.org/blog/2012/09/20/decoupling-ra...


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