18 Oct '12, 4pm

For #Jekyll and @Octopress users here's a Ruby script to generate an EPUB from posts. Blog: Code: https://t.co/fYl8Ii4J

The JSR editors been making a lot of changes at the Journal of Southern Religion in the past year. We’ve rebuilt the site from the ground up, we’ve released our content under an open-access license (written up here ), we’ve added a successful podcast with seven episodes already, and we’re getting close to adding DOIs and releasing a new issue. Sometime soon I want to write a full ‘making of’ post about the decisions we made and the tools we used. Today, though, I want to introduce a Ruby script I’ve written for the JSR to make e-books in EPUB format of each issue. The JSR ’s website runs on Jekyll , a ‘simple, blog aware, static site generator’ that converts Markdown files into a website. In other words, JSR articles are stored in plain text files like these from issue 13. Stephen Ramsay explains why this is a good thing . Because the JSR content is portable and parsable, ...

Full article: http://lincolnmullen.com/blog/epub-generator-for-jekyll/