18 Oct '12, 6pm

New Gem: Literate Randomizer

Posted by shanebdavis on October 18, 2012 ā€” 0 comments I wanted an easy way to generate good, random, near-english prose. There wasn't a gem that made me happy, so I wrote a new one: Introducing literate_randomizer . (my blog post ) > LiterateRandomizer.paragraph => "Says he slipped rapidly growing in creating. Assure you can't get back. Action of inorganic elements of any binary compressed marked the way up at."

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/8375-new-gem-literate-rando...


Blog Updated!!!

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new post!

new post!

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AudVanity usually refers to a hair topic hahaha. First time Iā€™m posting a picture of me with totally straight hair! (as fa...

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