29 Jul '16, 9am

Evaluating Alternative Decorator Implementations In Ruby

module Decorator def initialize(component) @component = component end def method_missing(meth, *args) if @component.respond_to?(meth) @component.send(meth, *args) else super end end def respond_to?(meth) @component.respond_to?(meth) end end class Coffee def cost 2 end def origin "Colombia" end end class Milk include Decorator def cost @component.cost + 0.4 end end coffee = Coffee.new Sugar.new(Milk.new(coffee)).cost # 2.6 Sugar.new(Sugar.new(coffee)).cost # 2.4 Sugar.new(Milk.new(coffee)).origin # Colombia Sugar.new(Milk.new(coffee)).class # Sugar

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Light Decorator Pattern

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