22 Oct '12, 7am

「Redmine FAQ: Q. Redmineのチケット追加すると1分以上固まるんだけど? A. メール通知を切って下さい」 えええぇぇ

Make sure you're using a svn client and server >= 1.3. Redmine parse the -xml output from subversion, which is a svn 1.3 feature. Make sure that the web app is able to run the svn binary. (hint: check your path and ensure the svn binary is on it) When using a file:/// link, make sure the system user under which Redmine runs has access to the location specified by file:/// on your local file system. (Hint: By default, when using passenger, Redmine runs as the user which owns your config/environment.rb.)

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/FAQ#When-I-c...


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