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#redmine にチャット機能追加するプラグインが出てた。slackの流れかねぇ。>redmine_chat - Plugins - Redmine https://t.co/APMWDlFDNE

#redmine にチャット機能追加するプラグインが出てた。slackの流れかねぇ。>redmine_chat - Plugins - Redmine https://t.co/APMWDlFDNE

As the initial version, it is best to have some experience in the development of skills. Please note the following constraints: Only deployed in a production mode, http instead of https Tested only on sqlite3, later test for mysql, Currently only supporting 3.2.0 First briefly talk to you, it's not recommended to install it unless the future version of 0.0.5 1, the installation process: Expand zip file into the plugins directory and name it by redmine_chat In redmine home directory, run: bundle install --without development test. In redmine home directory, run: rails g private_pub: install. It will generate a few template files Edit private_pub.ru file in redmine home directory, such as changes to the mysql sqlite3 Edit private_pub.yml file in config directory, such as the server production according to the the server's ip or domain name In redmine main directory, start fa...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_chat


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