29 Nov '16, 9pm

Sometimes people ask me for an open source RoR app to look at and learn from. Found one:

This is a web application used to manage the bidding process for 18F's micro-purchase threshold experiment . The platform will allow vendors to bid on open opportunities with 18F, track their bids, and learn of the winning bidder. So long as vendors are registered on SAM.gov and have GitHub accounts, they will be able to view open opportunities and bid on them.

Full article: https://github.com/18F/micropurchase


Our app is even better! We've made payment easier and added new features. See what's changed

Our app is even better! We've made payment easi...

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Open Source SoC Debuts

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Sometimes Your Regulars Come Back

Sometimes Your Regulars Come Back

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Neutralizing Intel's Management Engine

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