24 Nov '12, 2am

ASCIIcasts - Episode 288 - Billing With Stripe - via @Shareaholic

Stripe needs two API keys so that it knows which account it’s working with. We’ll store these in a new stripe.rb initializer file in the application’s /config/initializers directory. The keys we need to store here are the secret test key that’s shown in our account page and the public API key here. We’ll store the public key in a constant as it isn’t used by the Ruby gem, only in views and JavaScript. This key should hold the value from the publishable test key on our Stripe account page.

Full article: http://asciicasts.com/episodes/288-billing-with-stripe


#rails polymorphic associations

asciicasts.com 24 Nov '12, 5am

Above is a page from a site that has three different models: articles, photos and events. We’d like to enhance the site so...