25 Feb '17, 1pm

@davidadafia In ActiveAdmin Arbre you just use 'img' or 'video'.

lib/arbre/html/tag.rb, lib/arbre/html/document.rb, lib/arbre/html/text_node.rb, lib/arbre/html/attributes.rb, lib/arbre/html/class_list.rb, lib/arbre/html/html5_elements.rb

Full article: http://www.rubydoc.info/github/gregbell/arbre/Arbre/HTML


@HBnotHP I just need help with this object

rubydoc.info 25 Feb '17, 11am

As Twitter no longer allows anonymous API access, you'll need to enter the auth details of any account to use for archivin...

Are you sure you want to use WhatsApp Status?

blog.dk.sg 24 Feb '17, 1pm

WhatsApp just launched a new feature called WhatsApp Status . In short, it is just like Instagram Stories. Or should I say...

Learn how to master foam rolling! Your muscles will thank you.

Learn how to master foam rolling! Your muscles ...

care2.com 25 Feb '17, 12am

If you’ve gone to gym and been intimidated by people draping their bodies over cylinders of hard foam, grimacing in unimag...