27 Feb '17, 5am

@netazone ただこっちはこっちで困るのが、全文検索にひっかからないことです。 https://t.co/UdgsjXwdWL

The choices of the key value list are excluded from the full-text search. The choices of List are included in the subject of full-text search. From the user's viewpoint, key value list and list can not be identified. This behavior confuses the user. The reason for this is that the list is saved as text on the DB and the key value list is saved as internal index number. I think, we can solve in this way. create a dummy text field in the ticket and save the Key value list text dump

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/25000


Universal Values, not just Globalisation

Universal Values, not just Globalisation

dinmerican.wordpress.com 26 Feb '17, 1am

“Give us our country back”, is more than about economics. It is about the deemed imposition of global values and the perce...