11 Dec '12, 9am


December 10, 2012 georgebrock vim javascript Vimulator Demonstrating Vim Have you ever noticed that Vim demonstrations can sometimes feel a lot like watching a magic show? It’s very impressive, but if you want to work out how it was done you’re going to have to do some reading when you get home. If they’re not careful delivered, demonstrations that are meant to teach new users about Vim can end up contributing to the Vim learning curve myth and scaring the would-be user away. A Vim simulator Vim’s just not designed for demonstrations, and for a beginners talk at a Stockholm Vim meetup I needed something that looked a little less magical. The solution was to write Vimulator , a JavaScript Vim simulator that’s designed to explain each key stroke as it happens and delay the effect on the text long enough for a casual observer to see what’s going on. Currently Vimulator suppor...

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