11 Dec '12, 4pm

Git Go v0.0.1

is a small command-line utility distributed as a RubyGem that allows you to easily create/destroy/rename/list all your private-hosted git repositories on your own server. All you need is a small VPS (256MB RAM / 10GB HDD / 1vCPUCore should be sufficient). Git Go also provides you with detailed instructions on how to set up your server in order to be able to create remote repositories from your local machine using the provided command-line utility. The instructions also show you how to set up automatic/daily compressed/archived backups of all your git repositories, store them on Amazon S3, cycle them and send you success/error notifications by email, all using the Backup RubyGem. It's easy, and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/8621-git-go-v0-0-1


We are happy to welcome Blake Irving (@blakei) ...

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