29 Apr '17, 6am

Open discussion: Centos 7.3 Permission_denied problem

I installed Redmine 3.3.3 into the Centos 7.3. I used MySQL as a database and Apache2 for web server. I followed many different guide during the setup process. At the end of the setup, project was reacable but I was not able to reach https://projectUrl:8080/my/account URL. Then I checked the log and log was saying: App 7470 stderr: ActionView::Template::Error (Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /var/www/redmine/tmp/cache/D3B/440): App 7470 stderr: 22: <p> true ></p> App 7470 stderr: 23: <p>= f.text_field :mail, :required => true ></p> App 7470 stderr: 24: unless @user.force_default_language? > App 7470 stderr: 25: <p>= f.select :language, lang_options_for_select ></p> App 7470 stderr: 26: end > App 7470 stderr: 27: if Setting.openid? > App 7470 stderr: 28: <p>= f.text_field :identity_url %></p> App 7470 stderr: lib/redmine/i18n.rb:113:in `languages_options' App 7470 stderr:...

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