15 Dec '12, 3pm

iktusNETlive is back and is running on the latest versions of the OS, Rails, Passenger, Ruby on Mountain Lion Server.

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Ruby on Rails Instruction - v3.2.8 (+30 videos)

youtube.com 15 Dec '12, 9am

Close Your browser is not supported by YouTube and it needs to be updated. Learn more . Advertisement Day 1 - Intro to Rub...

XMLをJSONに変換する #Rails #Ruby

qiita.com 16 Dec '12, 1am

例えば http://hoge.com/data.xml というXMLを返すAPIがあったとして、ここからJSONデータに変換したいなら以下のコード。 ただしActiveSupportが必要なので、Rails以外の環境では、ActiveSupp...

Senior Ruby On Rails Developer #ruby #memcached...

findmjob.com 15 Dec '12, 12pm

At Yammer, we believe the things that separate a great engineer from a merely adequate one are passions and goals, charact...