• The thought that ISIL might be using bitcoin is keeping US regulators up at night

    QZ.com 13 Feb '15, 6pm

    Bitcoin fans may not enjoy the government’s attention, but they should be flattered: It means the technology they are developing is powerful stuff. At a recent forum that brought together government officials and bitcoin entrepreneurs to discuss the future of the cryptocurrency, paean...

  • A year after Mt. Gox’s implosion, nearly $400 million has evaporated from a Hong Kong bitcoin exchange –

    QZ.com 10 Feb '15, 10am

    MyCoin.HK was a Hong Kong hub for traders of the cryptocurrency, a locally-funded and operated exchange with an office in Kowloon and a pool of thousands of investors from the city, served by local lawyers and real estate agents. But dozens of investors, including the elderly, now say...

  • Dudes be spending: One in five luxury handbags are man bags

    One in five luxury handbags are man bags

    QZ.com 29 Jan '15, 11am

    That’s because they don’t come cheap. According to Euromonitor’s estimates, the market value for man bags has more than doubled over the past decade, with men now spending in the neighborhood of $6 billion per year on luxury bags. But the quantity being purchased over the same period ...

  • Bitcoin is saved from irrelevance by good old-fashioned regulation

    Bitcoin is saved from irrelevance by good old-fashioned regulation

    QZ.com 30 Jan '15, 2pm

    Bitcoin’s ideological foe is becoming its saving grace. To many Bitcoin enthusiasts, the decentralized currency’s allure was that it was designed to exist beyond the reach of government regulation. Free from central banks, its value wasn’t tied to government policies or geopolitical f...

  • Not to be by shown up by Silicon Valley, Wall Street wades into bitcoin

    QZ.com 22 Jan '15, 2pm

    Much of the $75 million that just got poured into the startup firm Coinbase came from the type of names you’d expect to see attached to a bitcoin play—Andreessen Horowitz, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Union Square Ventures and so on. And then there were investors like the New York S...

  • Bitcoin’s collapse is worse than the ruble’s

    Bitcoin’s collapse is worse than the ruble’s – Quartz

    QZ.com 18 Dec '14, 4pm

    It’s true. Bitcoin has received an even worse battering than the threadbare Russian ruble this year. (As of today, anyway. It also was the year’s worst investment as of earlier this week —though the ruble briefly wore the crown in the interim. We’ll keep tracking this race to the bitt...

  • Bitcoin is the worst investment of 2014

    Bitcoin is the worst investment of 2014

    QZ.com 15 Dec '14, 5pm

    There was plenty of ugliness to be found in the markets this year. Ukranian and Venezuelan sovereign debt. High-yield, energy-related corporate bonds. Argentine pesos. Russian rubles. Greek stocks. But none of these investments has been as atrociously awful as bitcoin, the heavily hyp...

  • Hong Kong’s chief is one of world’s best-paid politicians What's the deal with Singapore?

    Hong Kong’s little-loved leader is one of the world’s best-paid politicians – Quartz

    QZ.com 23 Jan '15, 2am

    Chinese president Xi Jinping’s recently announced pay raise, to a paltry $22,300 a year, sparked plenty of skepticism that the leader of the world’s largest economy (maybe) was actually earning such a small sum. And Xi’s salary is especially jarring when you consider that the leaders ...