• Coach wants to be the American Louis Vuitton

    Coach wants to be the American Louis Vuitton

    QZ.com 04 Aug '15, 7pm

    Coach, the venerable but rather staid American brand best known for its omnipresent leather bags and accessories, wants to become a genuine luxury house—or at least be perceived that way. The company is in the midst of serious regrouping at the moment. Sales growth has been slowing fo...

  • Bitcoin and space travel are two of the fastest-growing areas of venture-capital funding

    QZ.com 20 Jul '15, 10am

    Two of the industries most historically owned by the government are now venture capital targets—money and spaceships. According to Mattermark data analyzed by Tomasz Tunguz of the venture capital firm Redpoint, bitcoin and space travel were two of the four fastest-growing areas for st...

  • Singapore is using robot swans to monitor water quality

    Singapore is using robot swans to monitor water quality

    QZ.com 07 Jul '15, 4pm

    To test the water quality in a reservoir, workers typically take a boat around to collect samples. But that’s a painfully slow way to collect data, especially if there’s a sudden outbreak or contamination. A team in Singapore is working on an alternative approach : GPS-guided robots t...

  • Singapore’s forced housing integration fueled its economic success -

    QZ.com 24 Jun '15, 3pm

    Singapore’s economic achievements are impressive. A nation roughly the size of Manhattan, it still consistently ranks among the top five richest countries in the world. However, the international media rarely focuses on Singapore’s success as an ethnically diverse and inclusive societ...

  • MasterCard makes the case that it’s safer and faster than Bitcoin -

    QZ.com 09 Jun '15, 6pm

    MasterCard is lobbying the UK government for increased regulation of bitcoin and other digital currencies that pose a threat to its legacy credit-cards business, as it tries to adapt to the transformation of a payments industry long overdo for change. “In the current environment we fe...

  • PayPal stops service in Greece

    QZ.com 02 Jul '15, 7pm

    Adding to their list of woes, Greeks can no longer use their PayPal accounts. Limits on how much money Greeks can take out of banks put in place by their debt-stricken government as it negotiates with lenders have effectively crippled the online payment service, which relies on tradit...

  • How the luxury group Kering treats sustainability as a serious business strategy

    QZ.com 24 Jun '15, 11am

    For Kering, the luxury goods group that owns brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron, and Balenciaga, sustainability is not a selling point. The Paris-based company is establishing protocols for more socially and environmentally sustainable business practices,...

  • Ebay has built a global market of sneakerheads worth more than $400 million

    Ebay has built a global market of sneakerheads worth more than $400 million

    QZ.com 03 Apr '15, 11am

    Today, the numbers point to a growing, and increasingly globe-spanning, population of eBay-enabled sneaker collectors. Their spending on sneakers purchased over eBay has grown by double-digit percentages each year since 2010. Last year about 6.3 million pairs of sneakers were sold on ...