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  • Double Shot #1563

    afreshcup.com 12 Oct '15, 1pm

    rgraph - Interactive JavaScript charting library that uses the canvas tag for speed. Padrino 0.13.0 - New release of this web application framework built on top of the Sinatra core. Dasherize - Open source project dashboard, for projects you run via GitHb and some CI infrastructure.

  • Double Shot #1560

    afreshcup.com 02 Oct '15, 11am

    Friday, October 2, 2015 at 5:47AM Do not let your CDN betray you: Use Subresource Integrity - Something else I probably should look into during my copious spare time. Classic Bug Reports - Jokes, detective stories, and arguments in various bug-trackers. Deppbot - Service to automate u...

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  • Double Shot #1559

    afreshcup.com 01 Oct '15, 12pm

    Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 6:13AM Upgrade to El Capitan, with Homebrew & Ruby and El Capitan & Homebrew - Apple continues to get more developer-hostile all the time. It's taken me a long time to reach this point, but I'm done buying Apple hardware. Time to migrate the rest of the wa...

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  • Double Shot #1554

    afreshcup.com 18 Sep '15, 12pm

    flex mock revival: flex mock 2.0 released! - One of the late Jim Weirich's gems has a new maintainer and a new version. mpssh - Tool for executing commands on multiple ssh servers in parallel. Not Very Good MRI Heap Analyzer - A way to get a look at the heap dump from a Rails applicat...

  • Double Shot #1550

    afreshcup.com 09 Sep '15, 12pm

    Rails Composer with Rails Tutorials - Kickstarter trying to fund further development on this "Rails generator on steroids". Keeping Your Logs from Becoming an Unreadable Mess - Using tagged logging in Rails. You've got Mail: Action Mailer + Letter_Opener - A gem to open mails inside b...

  • Double Shot #1549

    afreshcup.com 04 Sep '15, 11am

    Debug Rails Faster with Quiet Assets & Quieter Logs - How to make Rails be a bit less verbose in its logging. Announcing RubyMotion 4.0: free Starter edition, cross-platform games, watchOS 2.0 - Ruby for iOS continues to improve.

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  • Double Shot #1548

    afreshcup.com 03 Sep '15, 11am

    Thimble - All-in-one online code editor from Mozilla that makes just mucking around in the web pretty easy. homebrew-services - Homebrew plugin to integrate services with launchctl. Using Bootstrap 4 Rubygem with Rails - Just in case you can't wait to play with the latest alpha.

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  • Double Shot #1546

    afreshcup.com 31 Aug '15, 11pm

    Lita - Chatbot written in Ruby. I don't like to regret things, but boy does this make the time I spent farting around in the Hubot source look entirely wasted. How to run a team of people who never see each other - Advice from Elance.

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