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Official API of the framework. Provides an explanation of every class and functionality.

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  • ActionController::ActionController::ActionController

    api.rubyonrails.org 16 Oct '15, 8am

    Module ActionController::ActionController::ActionController

  • ActionDispatch::Cookies::ChainedCookieJars

    api.rubyonrails.org 11 Oct '15, 7am

    Returns a jar that'll automatically set the assigned cookies to have an expiration date 20 years from now. Example: cookies.permanent[:prefers_open_id] = true # => Set-Cookie: prefers_open_id=true; path=/; expires=Sun, 16-Dec-2029 03:24:16 GMT This jar is only meant for writing. You'l...

  • ActiveRecord::QueryMethods

    api.rubyonrails.org 28 May '15, 7pm

    Specify relationships to be included in the result set. For example: users = User.includes(:address) users.each do |user| user.address.city end allows you to access the address attribute of the User model without firing an additional query. This will often result in a performance impr...

    1. Ruby on Rails Team Leader infoempleo.com 29 May '15, 11am
  • ActiveSupport::SecurityUtils

    api.rubyonrails.org 06 Jan '15, 10pm

    Constant time string comparison. The values compared should be of fixed length, such as strings that have already been processed by HMAC. This should not be used on variable length plaintext strings because it could leak length info via timing attacks.

  • ActiveRecord::Locking::Pessimistic

    api.rubyonrails.org 04 Jun '15, 1pm

    Locking::Pessimistic provides support for row-level locking using SELECT … FOR UPDATE and other lock types. Chain ActiveRecord::Base#find to ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#lock to obtain an exclusive lock on the selected rows: # select * from accounts where id=1 for update Account.lock.fi...

  • ActionView::Helpers::RecordTagHelper

    api.rubyonrails.org 25 Jan '15, 12am

    #content_tag_for creates an HTML element with id and class parameters that relate to the specified Active Record object. For example: <%= content_tag_for(:tr, @person) do %> <td><%= @person.first_name %></td> <td><%= @person.last_name %></td> <% end %> would produce the following HTML...

  • ActionView::PartialRenderer

    api.rubyonrails.org 22 Feb '15, 2pm

    The example of partial use describes a familiar pattern where a template needs to iterate over an array and render a sub template for each of the elements. This pattern has been implemented as a single method that accepts an array and renders a partial by the same name as the elements...

  • ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper

    api.rubyonrails.org 22 Apr '14, 1am

    Returns a checkbox tag tailored for accessing a specified attribute (identified by method ) on an object assigned to the template (identified by object ). This object must be an instance object (@object) and not a local object. It's intended that method returns an integer and if that ...


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