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  • to_f (Time)

    apidock.com 10 Oct '17, 4pm

    as a floating point number of seconds since the Epoch.

  • trace_var (Kernel)

    apidock.com 18 Sep '17, 1am

    Controls tracing of assignments to global variables. The parameter +symbol_ identifies the variable (as either a string name or a symbol identifier). cmd (which may be a string or a Proc object) or block is executed whenever the variable is assigned. The block or Proc object receives ...

  • sleep (Kernel)

    apidock.com 09 Sep '17, 11pm

    Suspends the current thread for duration seconds (which may be any number, including a Float with fractional seconds). Returns the actual number of seconds slept (rounded), which may be less than that asked for if another thread calls Thread#run. Called without an argument,

  • ActiveSupport::Subscriber

    apidock.com 30 May '17, 5pm

    ActiveSupport::Subscriber is an object set to consume ActiveSupport::Notifications . The subscriber dispatches notifications to a registered object based on its given namespace. An example would be Active Record subscriber responsible for collecting statistics about queries: module Ac...

  • to_json (ActiveRecord::Serialization)

    apidock.com 30 Jun '17, 4pm

    ActiveRecord::Base.include_root_in_json controls the top-level behavior of to_json . In a new Rails application, it is set to true in initializers/new_rails_defaults.rb. When it is true, to_json will emit a single root node named after the object’s type. For example:

  • is_a? (ActiveSupport::Duration)

    apidock.com 02 Mar '17, 2pm

    This method has no description. You can help the Ruby on Rails community by adding new notes.

  • attachment (ActionMailer::PartContainer)

    apidock.com 06 Mar '17, 3am

    attachments and implicit multipart There is a small gotcha - this caught me up for a while. If you are using implicit multipart mime types by naming your template xxx.text.html.erb and xxx.text.plain.erb, you will need to change your template name back to the original xxx.erb. If you ...

  • mattr_accessor (Module)

    apidock.com 30 Apr '17, 4am

    If a subclass changes the value then that would also change the value for parent class. Similarly if parent class changes the value then that would change the value of subclasses too.


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