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  • Craig Wright promises “extraordinary proof” that he is Satoshi, coming soon: Craig Wright speaking

    Craig Wright promises “extraordinary proof” that he is Satoshi, coming soon | Ars

    arstechnica.com 04 May '16, 6pm

    Craig Wright speaking to the BBC in what he said will be his only television appearance. BBC On Monday, Craig Wright published "proof" that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, but experts debunked the claim within hours . That led to Wright publishing a second blog post yesterday...

  • The sleep optimization fad has become scary and awful - Ars Technica

    Companies plan to make you pay for sleep

    arstechnica.com 05 May '16, 1pm

    High tech companies have disrupted the way we get our food, transit, and friends—and now they want to disrupt the way we sleep. To help them along, branding group K-Hole has released a report designed for corporations who want to cash in on the public's new obsession with getting rest...

  • IBM wants to move blockchain tech beyond Bitcoin and money transfer

    arstechnica.com 17 Feb '16, 12am

    On Tuesday, IBM announced that it’s been working to make blockchain technology—which was refined and popularized by Bitcoin —easier for businesses to use for financial and non-financial purposes. Specifically, the company is launching what it’s calling “blockchain-as-a-service,” or a ...

  • Password cracking attacks on Bitcoin wallets net $103,000

    Password cracking attacks on Bitcoin wallets net $103,000

    arstechnica.com 15 Feb '16, 6pm

    Hackers have siphoned about $103,000 out of Bitcoin accounts that were protected with an alternative security measure, according to research that tracked six years' worth of transactions. Account-holders used easy-to-remember passwords to protect their accounts instead of the long cry...

  • payment support in the Windows Store quietly removed [Update: or not]

    arstechnica.com 14 Mar '16, 8pm

    Update : Microsoft now claims that the FAQ update was "a mistake," and that bitcoin support isn't going anywhere after all. Original story : A little over a year ago, Microsoft rolled out Bitcoin support for Microsoft accounts, enabling the crytpocurrency to be used to buy games, apps...

  • Bitcoin startup Butterfly Labs settles with FTC for $38.6M, but it can't pay - Ars Technica

    startup Butterfly Labs settles with FTC for $38.6M, but it can’t pay |

    arstechnica.com 18 Feb '16, 6pm

    Sonny Vleisides (right), is Butterfly Labs' cofounder and largest shareholder. A federal judge told him in January 2014 that there was a "strong smell" of fraud with respect to his company. Nasser Ghosieiri Further Reading Feds: Butterfly Labs mined bitcoins on customers’ boxes before...

  • Three reasons why Bitcoin isn't dead yet - Ars Technica

    Three reasons why Bitcoin isn’t dead yet |

    arstechnica.com 26 Jan '16, 12pm

    Further Reading Op-ed: Why is Bitcoin forking? Or, why Bitcoin XT, as based on Satoshi Nakamoto's vision, should be welcomed. About a week ago, colleagues were sending me copies of a Medium post ricocheting all over the Internet: a crucial Bitcoin developer, Mike Hearn, was calling it...

  • Starting the racing year right at the Rolex 24

    Starting the racing year right at the Rolex 24

    arstechnica.com 31 Jan '16, 6pm

    The fastest cars race in the Prototype class, a mix of older Daytona Prototypes (tubeframe race cars) and LMP2s (carbon fiber prototypes that race at Le Mans). Next quickest are the GTLM cars, which are factory-supported racecars based on roadgoing machines like the Corvette Z06 and P...