• The Bitcoin Foundation | Standardizing, Promoting, and Protecting the Bitcoin Protocol

    bitcoinfoundation.org 14 Dec '14, 5pm

    Our vision is to ensure all people have the opportunity to realize Bitcoin's potential. We are ready for a new vehicle of exchange. One unbound by politics and national boundaries and open to everyone worldwide. We believe Bitcoin is that vehicle. Join us in introducing Bitcoin to the...

  • Blocksize Economics | The

    bitcoinfoundation.org 16 Oct '14, 1pm

    There are two sets of arguments for why we should keep the 1MB block size limit. The first are technical; I address those in my Scalability Roadmap blog post, showing how a lot of geeky elbow grease should lead to “Bitcoin can replace every cash and credit card transaction in the worl...

  • Bitcoin Core switching from hard-coded to flexible fees in next major release

    Bitcoin Foundation

    bitcoinfoundation.org 07 Jul '14, 5pm

    The wallet code in the next major release of Bitcoin Core (version 0.10) will be much smarter about transaction fees. Instead of using hard-coded rules for what fees to pay, the code observes how long transactions are taking to confirm and then uses that data to estimate the right fee...

  • Introduction to Education Committee by Chairman, Nikos Bentenitis @nikosbentenitis #Bitcoin

    bitcoinfoundation.org 25 Jul '14, 5am

    From the three goals of the Bitcoin Foundation (standardization, protection and promotion of Bitcoin), the education committee is focused on promotion. To promote Bitcoin, the committee currently focuses on producing best-practice guides that members of the general public can turn to ...

  • They are real: The Bitcoin Foundation Opens Up Avalons First ASIC #bitcoin

    Bitcoin Foundation Blog

    bitcoinfoundation.org 01 Feb '13, 1am

    They are real: The Bitcoin Foundation Opens Up Avalon’s First ASIC Charlie Shrem Feb 01 2013 As most of the world awoke to see Bitcoin priced over $20, a new 18-month high, a few of us were fortunate enough to see another miracle this morning – the world’s first ASIC Bitcoin mining ma...

  • Bitcoin Foundation Blog

    bitcoinfoundation.org 04 Dec '12, 10pm

    Since the nonprofit Bitcoin Foundation launched in September 2012 I have been asked many times by potential sponsors, “Why would our organization want to support bitcoin and the foundation?” The answer lies in the primary benefits that bitcoin enables in society and those benefits are...

  • Bitcoin Foundation Blog

    bitcoinfoundation.org 21 Dec '12, 2pm

    Since my last status update the core development team has continued to make steady progress. We have no spectacular new world-changing features to announce, but that should be expected– in my experience, the best way to be successful is to try to make steady progress towards your goal...

    1. DataMapper 2 Status and Roadmap rubyflow.com 20 Dec '12, 12pm
  • Bitcoin Foundation Blog

    bitcoinfoundation.org 02 Nov '12, 9pm

    Core Development Status Report #1 Gavin Andresen Nov 01 2012 I spend most of my time “down in the code” — reviewing proposed code changes, thinking about high-priority problems that nobody else seems to be tackling, and, when I’m lucky, actually tackling some of those high-priority pr...