• Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom #bitcoin

    Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom

    bitcoinmagazine.com 15 Sep '14, 4pm

    Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom (ORLANDO, FL) The College Crypto Network has teamed up with Jason King of Sean’s Outpost and M.K. Lords of Bitcoin Not Bombs to bring the exciting world of bitcoin to the happiest place on earth—Disney World. Coin...

  • Bracing for Bitcoin in Buenos Aires

    Bracing for Bitcoin In Argentina

    bitcoinmagazine.com 15 Sep '14, 5pm

    There are two economies fighting in Buenos Aires: the black market economy and the official economy. Their territories are well established, and on the line between them, is Florida street. Driven by the blue dollar exchange rate, and the need to service a store-of-value for its users...

  • Does Bitcoin’s Price Affect Business?

    Does Bitcoin's Price Affect Business?

    bitcoinmagazine.com 15 Sep '14, 4pm

    Have you ever wondered if the price of bitcoins affects bitcoin business? Could this be a reason for businesses not to accept a volatile currency? Do sales plunge when the price drops? I started doing a little investigating into whether it does or it doesn’t, and I was somewhat surpri...

  • Workshop Cafe Launches San Francisco's First Bitcoin Teller Machine

    bitcoinmagazine.com 12 Sep '14, 11pm

    Last night, Workshop Cafe proudly hosted the grand opening of San Francisco’s first Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM). This particular machine is made by BitAccess and features the somewhat unique and very much sought-after feature in that it allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin for USD. E...

  • Cryptolina

    bitcoinmagazine.com 30 Aug '14, 8am

    As a young blogger in the Bitcoin world, my job consists of a lot of waiting. Waiting for that dude to email me back, waiting for my articles to be published so I can get paid, just waiting. A few weeks ago while waiting, however, I got an interesting email. My friend John Scianna hit...

  • [Live Video Stream] SF Bitcoin Meetup @ Geekdom

    bitcoinmagazine.com 27 Aug '14, 2am

    Ryan Taylor, a native of northern California, is a twenty first century renaissance man who firmly believes in making the world a better place through art and technology and making the web a better place through collaboration and transparency. An accomplished photographer, graphic des...

  • Farm In Michigan Growing Local Bitcoin Economy

    bitcoinmagazine.com 02 Sep '14, 4pm

    In Ann Arbor, Michigan there is a plot of land called Arbor Hills Farm, an organic farm that leases land from bigger property called the Tilian Farm Development Center, where vegetables and livestock are cultivated. The products are then sold to members of the community through a syst...

  • and Austrian Economics

    bitcoinmagazine.com 26 Aug '14, 11pm

    This is a guest post by Ben Best Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Austrian Economists are harsh critics of government central banks (such as the Federal Reserve System of the United States – a name intended to obscure its role as a central bank, unlike the Bank of England). Austrian Eco...