• Cryptolina

    bitcoinmagazine.com 30 Aug '14, 8am

    As a young blogger in the Bitcoin world, my job consists of a lot of waiting. Waiting for that dude to email me back, waiting for my articles to be published so I can get paid, just waiting. A few weeks ago while waiting, however, I got an interesting email. My friend John Scianna hit...

  • Free live stream of the SF Bitcoin Meetup at Geekdom SF! @ioptio

    [Live Video Stream] SF Bitcoin Meetup @ Geekdom

    bitcoinmagazine.com 27 Aug '14, 2am

    Ryan Taylor, a native of northern California, is a twenty first century renaissance man who firmly believes in making the world a better place through art and technology and making the web a better place through collaboration and transparency. An accomplished photographer, graphic des...

  • and Austrian Economics

    bitcoinmagazine.com 26 Aug '14, 11pm

    This is a guest post by Ben Best Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Austrian Economists are harsh critics of government central banks (such as the Federal Reserve System of the United States – a name intended to obscure its role as a central bank, unlike the Bank of England). Austrian Eco...

  • Renowned Psychic Now Accepts Bitcoin

    Renowned Psychic Now Accepts

    bitcoinmagazine.com 26 Aug '14, 6pm

    Richard Ravenhawke is sitting across from me, on his Android phone, as I type this. He has a great energy about him, very relaxed. He wears a big claw around his neck, on a thick gold chain. His eyes are kind, and he’s been through a lot in his life on this earth. We’re sitting in my ...

  • Building a Bitcoin Economy: How to Make the Transition

    bitcoinmagazine.com 19 Aug '14, 3am

    Feeling lost? See parts one and two of this guide. The Bitcoin community has made great strides in spreading adoption so far. Businesses accepting Bitcoin have popped up all over the world, and in many cities like Vancouver, we’re starting to experiment with spreading vertically along...

  • Issue 22: What You Need To Know About Bitcoin

    Issue 22: What You Need To Know About

    bitcoinmagazine.com 22 Aug '14, 3pm

    The Bitcoin community has shown me that nothing can stop a group of people who are passionate in their beliefs. In our case, we believe everyone in the world deserves the right to financial freedom. My goal is to make sure everyone can see that this Bitcoin movement has the power to c...

  • Dos and Don'ts of Talking #Bitcoin with Noobs

    Dos and Don'ts of Talking Bitcoin with Noobs

    bitcoinmagazine.com 19 Aug '14, 4am

    If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you know a thing or two about bitcoin. You can prognosticate about prices and harangue about hash rates with the best of ‘em. Despite that, you’re still part of a minority, at least according to Bloomberg . Fewer than half of Ameri...

  • How Bitcoin Can Transform Art

    How Bitcoin Can Transform Art

    bitcoinmagazine.com 19 Aug '14, 3am

    This story originally appeared in Bitcoin Magazine Issue 21 . “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” -George Bernard Shaw Art is an undeniable feature of society. They have always been a part of our humanity. Unlike sciences, which have predictable la...