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It's no secret for anyone that Bitcoin and The Valley are creating a strong alliance as days go by. Korbit handles Bitcoin transactions currently charging 2% ...

  • Bitcoin Miner

    bitcoinminer.com 22 Jan '13, 7pm

    I mine for Bitcoin. I show what I run under the hood and what others who mine Bitcoin are up to. I'm also on Twitter, follow @BitcoinMiner Got something to add? Feel free to submit a post of your own.

  • Bitcoin Miner

    bitcoinminer.com 07 Nov '12, 6pm

    Bitcoin - Environmental Impact, and Introduction To Pool Mining This video is Jörn Loviscach’s talk on Bitcoin mining given at a workshop in September during the Gesellschaft für Informatik 2012 conference. He describes the environmental impact of Bitcoin. His numbers do show how CPU ...

  • Bitcoin Miner - Bitcoin version 0.7.0 released

    bitcoinminer.com 18 Sep '12, 3am

    Bitcoin version 0.7.0 released bitcoin : A significant new release of the Bitcoin-Qt and Bitcoind clients from Bitcoin.org, v0.7.0, is now available for download. This v0.7 release includes a number of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes and is the first major feature...

  • Bitcoin Miner - David Perry - Bitcoin Mining In Plain English

    bitcoinminer.com 07 Sep '12, 7pm

    David Perry - Bitcoin Mining In Plain English A blog post by David Perry (@KJ6CCZ ) gives a thorough explanation of how mining works without any of the specific details that “might scare the non-techies”. Excerpts: Core concepts and terms: Hash: I tell you that I added two numbers tog...