The shiny parabolic broadcast spreader of vomit. Due to suspected food poisoning I checked into the local emergency room last night around 2 ...

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  • Bridgy, webmentions, and publishing.

    bitworking.org 21 Jan '18, 6am

    Bridgy, webmentions, and publishing. Jan 21, 2018 • Joe Gregorio Brid.gy has a cool feature for automatically posting blog posts to Twitter, which is interesting because it uses Webmentions to kick off the whole process. I.e. just including the link: <a href="https://brid.gy/publish/t...

  • Blogging drawings

    bitworking.org 21 Jan '18, 3pm

    One of the goals with my new blogging system has been a flow for getting hand drawn images onto the blog. I will admit this is purely driven by jealousy of the awesome drawings on the morning paper . I didn’t know if I’d ever find a setup I would like until I got to borrow a Google Pi...

  • Having fun with silo metadata

    bitworking.org 20 Jan '18, 3pm

    I just recently finished adding support for Twitter metadata to the blog, mostly motivaged by brid.gy ’s ability to use Webmentions to automatically post my blog entries to Twitter. As I worked on the Twitter metadata I wondered if other silos had their own metadata they supported. In...

  • Webmention parsing and formatting is now complete

    bitworking.org 19 Jan '18, 4pm

    Webmention parsing and formatting is now complete Jan 18, 2018 • Joe Gregorio As Chris suggested , I have gone beyond my minimal webmentions , and thanks to the heavy lifting of Will Norris , I got to avoid handwriting a microformats parser in the process. This is what they should loo...

  • Space Gas Station

    bitworking.org 20 Jan '18, 3am

    This SingularityHub post brings a good perspective on the economics of asteroid mining: Want Faster Data and a Cleaner Planet? Start Mining Asteroids Besides, the idea of our gateway to becoming a space faring civilization being bootstrapped from a space gas station is so much more Ex...

  • Underdash

    bitworking.org 17 Jan '18, 2pm

    is neat project in the same vein as my VanillaJS . While VanillaJS shows you how to build common web framework sample apps using just vanilla JS, the Underdash site shows you how to make the most of JS intrinsics without the need for a JS utility library.

  • Silos

    bitworking.org 13 Jan '18, 2am

    In A Decade of Silos Has Throttled Open Content Distribution Louis Gray says: To properly make the Web as desirable and viable a platform for publishing, we need to work together to fix the distribution and discovery gaps, make content fantastic on mobile for creation and consumption,...

  • Facebook pivoting away from engagement

    bitworking.org 13 Jan '18, 2am

    Facebook pivoting away from engagement Jan 12, 2018 • Joe Gregorio Via Joel Spolsky , I learned that Facebook was pivoting away from engagement . Meanwhile Twitter continues to be Twitter , and Uber continues to be an ethical cesspool. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments pow...


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