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A teammate of mine recently expressed a desire for a shortcut for something we type often. I started looking into our shortcut options and cameĀ ...

  • Year Five

    blog.jayfields.com 30 Apr '13, 4pm

    The average lifespan for a software engineering job is 4 years. Okay, I've never actually seen proof (or contradiction), but that's the general feeling in the groups I associate with. Perhaps that's selection bias - my employer has generally changed on year 3 or 4. Perhaps this is the...

    1. Year Five blog.jayfields.com 30 Apr '13, 3pm
    2. Year Five blog.jayfields.com 30 Apr '13, 4pm
    3. Year Five blog.jayfields.com 01 May '13, 3pm
  • Clojure: Destructuring

    blog.jayfields.com 31 Oct '13, 7am

    destructuring is described as a mini-language within Clojure. It's not essential to learn this mini-language; however, as the authors of TJoC point out, destructuring facilitates concise, elegant code. What is destructuring?Clojure supports abstract structural binding, often called de...

  • How To Get Invited To speakerconf

    blog.jayfields.com 07 Oct '13, 11am

    Every year it seems that someone is disappointed (or even insulted) that they didn't receive an invite to speakerconf . If you haven't gotten an invite at this point, contrary to popular belief, it's not because Josh and I hate you. There's actually very little magic that goes into re...

  • Static typing considered harmful

    blog.jayfields.com 13 Jul '13, 6pm

    Given a good test suite the return on investment simply does not justify the use of static typing. In 5 years, we'll view compilation as the weakest form of unit testing. -- Stuart Halloway Type verification provides very little confidence that an application works. The little confide...

  • Ruby: === operator

    blog.jayfields.com 15 Dec '13, 8pm

    Recently I was looking at creating a patch for Mocha that would allow you to specify a class as an argument. The feature was added to allow you to specify that an argument can be any instance of the class specified.object.expects(:do_this).with(Fixnum, true, 99) object.do_this(2, true...

  • 8 Linux Commands Every Developer Should Know

    blog.jayfields.com 28 Aug '12, 1pm

    Every developer, at some point in their career, will find themselves looking for some information on a Linux* box. I don't claim to be an expert, in fact, I claim to be very under-skilled when it comes to linux command line mastery. However, with the following 8 commands I can get pre...

  • Being a Lead Consultant

    blog.jayfields.com 03 Apr '13, 3pm

    Voice of authority to the client on technical matters, meaning that I'm looking for someone who can establish their own credibility with senior client staff, including non-technical managers. This means knowing what the client values and being able to communicate the important issues,...

    1. Being a Lead Consultant blog.jayfields.com 03 Apr '13, 1pm
  • Synchronizing Snapshots and Incrementals With Single Threading

    blog.jayfields.com 26 Feb '13, 10pm

    Many of the applications that I write these days have a lot of data - so much that there's no reasonable way to continually send all of it. Instead, most of the applications I work with will have the ability to receive a snapshot of the current state, and the ability to receive deltas...


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