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Steve Jobs on intelligence. September 14, 2011. Everyone is talking about Steve Jobs right now. Other people are better at describing how important his ...

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  • The Secret to Memcached

    blog.leetsoft.com 17 Feb '12, 10pm

    Memcached has long been the answer to most questions containing the word scale. There are some spectacular memcached installations out there. Facebook is said to run a 200 server with 3TB of memory solely for servicing memcached; Shopify , twitter, digg, Slashdot and just about every ...

  • Clarity in log files. - Too-biased:

    Clarity in log files.

    blog.leetsoft.com 05 Apr '12, 11pm

    Log files are one of the most important aspects of any web service. A webapp with a well designed logging strategy will allow you to essentially go back in time to track down even the most obscure bug. Unit tests have diminished the importance of log files somewhat but how do you writ...

  • tobi/delayed_job @ GitHub

    blog.leetsoft.com 09 Apr '12, 2pm

    Database backed asynchronous priority queue -- Extracted from Shopify License MIT Authors Chris Wanstrath ([email protected]) David Heinemeier Hansson ([email protected]) Dean Strelau ([email protected]) Eric Lindvall ([email protected]) Justin Knowlden ([email protected]) John ...