• BitBeat: Blockstream releases first so-called sidechain, 'Liquid' #bitcoin

    BitBeat: Blockstream Releases Liquid, First ‘Sidechain’ - MoneyBeat - WSJ

    blogs.wsj.com 13 Oct '15, 3pm

    The product is called Liquid, a so-called “sidechain,” a platform that operates separately from bitcoin but is ultimately “pegged” back to the digital currency. Liquid is an attempt to create a system that maintains bitcoin’s open system, while sidestepping its built-in limitations. I...

  • 21 Inc. Releases First Product, a 'Bitcoin Computer'

    21 Inc. Releases First Product, a ‘Bitcoin Computer’ - MoneyBeat - WSJ

    blogs.wsj.com 21 Sep '15, 7pm

    By Paul Vigna @paulvigna [email protected] Paul Vigna Biography CONNECT @paulvigna [email protected] Paul Vigna Biography The 21 Bitcoin Computer 21 Inc. 21 Inc., a bitcoin startup backed by venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is releasing its first product, a computer that se...

  • Circle gets first ‘BitLicense,’ releases new wallet service #bitcoin #DFS

    Circle Gets First ‘BitLicense,’ Releases Circle Pay, New Service - MoneyBeat - WSJ

    blogs.wsj.com 22 Sep '15, 4am

    With the new regulatory approval, Circle can now offer a mobile payment service that can send and receive and hold U.S. dollars, in addition to bitcoin. The revamped service will also allow users to send and receive payments via a text message, and doesn’t make users convert into and ...

  • Climate Change, Bitcoin, EPP, NATO Drills: EU Week Ahead Oct 19-23 - Wall Street Journal (blog)

    Climate Change, Bitcoin, EPP, NATO Drills: EU Week Ahead Oct 19-23 - Real Time Brussels

    blogs.wsj.com 18 Oct '15, 9am

    Pacifists protested earlier this month at the NATO base at Giugliano in Campania, Italy, against NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise that starts this week. Marco Cantile/Zuma Press Officials from around the world are gathering in Germany this week for their last round of negotiations ahe...

  • Everything you need to know about Singapore's elections

    The Singapore Elections – The Short Answer -

    blogs.wsj.com 10 Sep '15, 4am

    Who is running? The ruling People’s Action Party will be the only party to contest every one of the 89 seats in Parliament up for grabs, but for the first time since Singapore become an independent country in 1965, the PAP will face a challenger for every seat from eight other parties...

  • Does Asia Still Need ‘Traditional’ Western Expats? - Expat - WSJ

    blogs.wsj.com 14 Sep '15, 11pm

    So does Asia still need “traditional” expats, meaning short-term expats from the West, or will they soon fade out altogether? Global leaders will always be in demand, say recruiters. But what companies say they need now are internationally-experienced emigrants, or smart “permapats” —...

  • BitBeat: Bitcoiners Decamp to Bretton Woods, Assess the Future of Bitcoin - MoneyBeat

    blogs.wsj.com 30 Jul '15, 5pm

    Now’s a good time to assess bitcoin. The price of the cryptocurrency has been more stable this year than at any point in its short history. Since the NYSE and others financial players invested in Coinbase in January, there’s been a marked change in tone on Wall Street toward the techn...

  • On Singapore’s 50th birthday, a national identity emerges, for citizens and expats alike

    On Singapore’s 50th Birthday, a National Identity Emerges, for Citizens and Expats Alike - Expat -

    blogs.wsj.com 11 Aug '15, 3am

    A flexible idea of nationhood suited Singaporeans and foreigners alike in the past. Our pioneer generation decided economic goals were more important than lofty nationalist ideas. I can completely see why. But recently, I’m starting to find that that way of thinking is becoming outdat...