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  • Singapore Jails Teen Blogger for Videos Critical of Islam, Christianity

    Singapore Jails Teen Blogger for 'Hurting the Feelings of Christians and Muslims'

    breitbart.com 03 Oct '16, 3am

    Amos Yee, 17, a blogger from Singapore, has been sentenced to six weeks in prison, plus a fine of $1,500 U.S., because he “deliberately elected to do harm by using offensive and insulting words and profane gestures to hurt the feelings of Christians and Muslims.” Such was the pronounc...

  • Singapore to Require Registration of Islamic Teachers

    Singapore to Require Registration of Islamic Teachers

    breitbart.com 23 Aug '16, 3pm

    The recent arrest of two Singaporeans who were attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria is mentioned in just about every report on the new mandatory Islamic teacher registration initiative. The Jakarta Post adds that eight citizens have been detained under the Internal Security A...

  • Singapore PM: Rejecting TPP Means War

    Singapore PM: Rejecting TPP Means War

    breitbart.com 02 Aug '16, 10pm

    The Prime Minister of Singapore gave a spirited and detailed defense of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade agreement that cedes sovereignty to the treaty’s administration, at a Tuesday press conference with President Barack Obama at the White House. If the United States ...

  • READ: my latest op-ed for @BreitbartNews: #Transgenders in the #Military: A Deadly Distraction.

    Transgenders in the Military: A Deadly Distraction - Breitbart

    breitbart.com 07 Aug '16, 12am

    We should reflect on the fact that the U.S. Navy is punishing several sailors from the two patrol boats that were captured by the Iranians in January of this year. Theses sailors were an abysmal failure as prisoners, humiliating our whole nation with their actions as they apologized t...

  • Joe Biden Exposes #Military Aide with Nuclear Codes During Rally

    Joe Biden Exposes Military Aide with Nuclear Codes During Rally

    breitbart.com 15 Aug '16, 7pm

    Vice President Joe Biden revealed during a campaign rally that he had a military aide with the nuclear codes present at the event. “There’s a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear codes,” Biden said, turning and pointing. “So God forbid anything happened to the presiden...

  • Bitcoin was 'Good as Gold' in the Brexit - Breitbart News

    Bitcoin was 'Good as Gold' in the Brexit - Breitbart

    breitbart.com 27 Jun '16, 7am

    With the Brexit being the worst one-day global financial crash since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, Bitcoin gained a tremendous amount of credibility as a safe haven asset that is “good as gold.” Supporters have claimed that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the ideal pr...

  • #Veterans Brutally Attacked by #BlackLivesMatter, Says #Army Staff Sergeant

    Veterans Brutally Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Says Army Staff Sergeant

    breitbart.com 25 Jul '16, 12am

    Another friend, Jason Reel commented, “[T]he world we live in today we must exist in Condition Yellow. IF you don’t know what this means, look it up. James Cooper’s color code of awareness.” Reel then attached a chart of Cooper’s Color Codes. He added, “Anymore, it’s should be a minim...

  • Bitcoin Crushes Bank Fees in Emerging Economies - Breitbart

    breitbart.com 27 Mar '16, 10pm

    New evidence is emerging that virtual currencies and distributed ledgers, like bitcoin , are gaining strength in emerging economies by cutting out huge fees charged by local banks and financial institutions. Developed markets make up only 43 percent of global gross domestic product an...