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  • Economist Ann Pettifor explains why bitcoin isn't money

    businessinsider.com 24 Feb '17, 11am

    Ann Pettifor, leading economist and author of "The Production of Money" told Business Insider that bitcoin is flawed as money because it is a "finite asset." Speaking about the origins and usage of bitcoin, she said: "Bitcoin was invented by some big bad guys on the dark web as a secr...

  • Mesmerizing water art installation

    businessinsider.com 25 Feb '17, 8pm

    This mesmerizing installation, Rain Oculus, is designed by Ned Kahn Studios . It is located in Marina Bay Sands Resort in

  • How to buy bitcoin: A step-by-step guide

    businessinsider.com 23 Feb '17, 7pm

    Reuters Bitcoin hit a record high of $1,162 on February 23, nearly two months after hitting its previous high of $1,161 on January 5. A year and a half ago, the idea of buying the virtual currency bitcoin at that price was laughable. After a rapid rise in value in 2013, the cryptocurr...

  • An investigation into a bitcoin exchange and a data breach at JPMorgan is headed to trial

    JPMorgan trial bitcoin exchange data breach

    businessinsider.com 13 Feb '17, 1pm

    Workers are reflected in the windows of the Canary Wharf offices of JP Morgan in London September 19, 2013. REUTERS/Neil Hall NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Florida software engineer and a New Jersey pastor are expected on Monday to face trial in a case stemming from an investigation into a b...

  • How to use one of the many apps to buy and trade bitcoin

    businessinsider.com 18 Jan '17, 3pm

    Here's how to use one of the many apps to buy and trade bitcoin Jacqui Frank and Chris Weller Jan. 18, 2017, 10:54 AM 4 Loading video... facebook linkedin twitter email embed Using the app Coinbase , we bought and sold bitcoin to better understand how the cryptocurrency works. Follow ...

  • How to use the extra shoelace hole on sneakers

    businessinsider.com 14 Jan '17, 6pm

    The extra eyelet at the top of running sneakers has puzzled us for years — what is it for?! Turns out that extra hole helps runners tie their shoes extra tight with a "lace lock" or "heel lock" method.

  • Here's why the US dollar and bitcoin keep rising in value

    Why the US dollar and bitcoin keep rising

    businessinsider.com 09 Jan '17, 10pm

    I have covered the many reasons why the U.S. dollar (USD) has strengthened in dozens of posts over the past 5 years, (Could the U.S. Dollar Rise 50%? , January 12, 2011), and I described the positive dynamics of bitcoin last summer in An Everyman's Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrenc...

  • Bitcoin jumps above $1000 for first time in 3 years - Business Insider

    Bitcoin jumps above $1,000 for first time in 3 years

    businessinsider.com 02 Jan '17, 11am

    An illustration photo shows a Bitcoin (virtual currency) paper wallet with QR codes and a coin are seen at La Maison du Bitcoin in Paris Thomson Reuters LONDON (Reuters) - Digital currency bitcoin kicked off the new year by jumping above $1,000 (£813) for the first time in three years...