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  • The SEC is ordering a Bitcoin stock exchange operator to pay up

    The SEC Is Ordering A Bitcoin Stock Exchange Operator To Pay Up

    businessinsider.com 08 Dec '14, 7pm

    Pixabay via Google Images WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. securities regulators on Monday ordered the operator of a stock exchange, which allowed clients to use Bitcoin to trade in certain securities, to pay $68,000 to resolve claims that he did not register the exchanges. Ethan Burnside ...

  • The money of the future will look more like Bitcoin than the paper we carry around today

    Mauldin: What Is Bitcoin

    businessinsider.com 05 Dec '14, 11pm

    To think about what money will be in the future you have to shake off the chains of the past and your preconceived notions of what money is. Money is not just, or should I say, is more than a medium of exchange. It is also a medium of information. It tells us what the marketplace want...

  • How Bitcoin Could Change Everything, Not Just Finance

    businessinsider.com 02 Dec '14, 2am

    AP See Also Alleged 'Silk Road' Moderator Brought To US To Face Charges Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Is Coming To Help Mt. Gox Find The Bitcoins It Lost Bitcoin Enthusiasts Are Flocking To This Crazy Spanish Hacker Monastery — Here's Why Bitcoin will change a lot more than finance. It coul...

  • Bitcoin lovers are flocking to this crazy hacker monastery

    Crypto-Anarchists Are Flocking To A Bitcoin Hacklab in Spain

    businessinsider.com 20 Nov '14, 11pm

    Don Meliton/Flickr The exterior of Calafou. A Spanish collective for hackers has become a bitcoin hacklab, according to Jamie Bartlett's new book "The Dark Net ." The old textile factory complex, called Calafou, is referred to as a "postcapitalist ecoindustrial colony" by the 30 or so...

  • Unforgettable Photos From The Attack On Pearl Harbor, 73 Years Ago Today #NeverForgert #military #tcot

    Pearl Harbor Attack

    businessinsider.com 07 Dec '14, 4pm

    There was a short lull in the attack at about 8:30 a.m. The damaged USS Nevada tried to escape down the channel toward the open sea but became a target during a second wave of 170 Japanese planes, hoping to sink her in the channel and block the narrow entrance to Pearl Harbor. The shi...

  • Singapore Airlines Says 'Not So Fast' To Mistakenly Sold Business Class Seats: A computer error caused roughl...

    Singapore Airlines Says 'Not So Fast' To Mistakenly Sold Business Class Seats

    businessinsider.com 04 Dec '14, 9pm

    A computer error caused roughly 900 business class seats on board Singapore Airlines to be sold at economy class prices in Australia this week. According to News.com.au , the tickets in question were sold by Australian travel agents for flights between Singapore and Europe. The airlin...

  • Australia Probes Bitcoin Crime Links As Currency Craves Legitimacy

    Bitcoin Is Exploding In Australia And Authorities Are Rattled

    businessinsider.com 02 Dec '14, 7am

    Thomson Reuters A bitcoin ATM machine is shown at a restaurant in San Diego SYDNEY (Reuters) - A top Australian law enforcement agency is investigating bitcoin's role in organized crime, a senior official said, just as politicians and financial regulators embrace the digital currency ...

  • US Marshals are auctioning $19 million worth of bitcoin — via @IBTimes

    US Marshals Are Auctioning $19 Million Worth Of Bitcoin

    businessinsider.com 18 Nov '14, 12pm

    Screen shot/US Marshals Service The U.S. Department of Justice has begun an auction of 50,000 bitcoins seized from Ross Ulbricht, the man accused of operating the Silk Road drug marketplace online. The auction will run for two weeks. The total value of the bitcoins (BTC) is about $19....