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  • Fed Economist Explains Something About Bitcoin That Almost Nobody Understands

    What Is Bitcoin Mining

    businessinsider.com 07 Apr '14, 8am

    One of the funny things about Bitcoin is the way its terminology seems rooted in ancient monetary history. First of all, there's the fact that it has "coin" in its name, harkening back to an increasingly irrelevant aspect of the monetary system. And then there's the fact that to obtai...

  • Fred Wilson: "With Bitcoin and the blockchain, I found something that got me excited again" — exc…

    Fred Wilson Interview

    businessinsider.com 13 Apr '14, 4pm

    That’s been a big theme for what’s been going on in the venture business over the past five to ten years. I think that is a good thing because it allows more people to participate in the financing of startups. You don’t need to have a $100 million fund to do that. Actually, with the l...

  • Investor group offers to buy Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange for 1 single bitcoin, or just $400

    Investor Group Offers To Buy Mt. Gox

    businessinsider.com 10 Apr '14, 10pm

    Bloomberg Mark Karpeles, CEO of Mt. Gox. See Also Russia Withheld Crucial Details Of Boston Bombing Suspect The Hottest Private Equity Player In China Is A 28-Year-Old 'Princeling' 1,888 Companies Are Violating China's Pollution Guidelines (Reuters) - A group of investors is seeking t...

  • Bitcoin Is Getting Smashed Right Now

    Bitcoin $363

    businessinsider.com 11 Apr '14, 12am

    Bitcoin Is Getting Smashed Right Now Bitcoin Is Getting Smashed Right Now So ugly Bitcoin is. Earlier today it in the...

  • Take a look at 22 of the best #military #photos from 2013! @BusinessInsider #AirForce

    Military Photographer Of The Year 2014

    businessinsider.com 11 Apr '14, 8pm

    Tech Sgt. Russ Scalf/US Air Force U.S. Army Sgt. Michael Bodiford, a team leader assigned to 1st Platoon, 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment, 39th Infantry Brigade, climbs Pinnacle Mountain Sept. 5, 2013, near Little Rock, Ark. Tech Sergeant Russ Scalf of the U.S. Air Force was na...

  • Why VCs Are Still Planning To Pour Tons Of Money Into Bitcoin

    Bitcoin VC Funding Surge

    businessinsider.com 07 Apr '14, 6pm

    In this same post-Gox period, we've continued to see a steady stream of new investments in and commitments to Bitcoin ventures. Late last month, crypto-payment group Circle announced it had closed a new $17 million funding around . SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert, perhaps the most aggr...

  • Alleged Silk Road founder can't be guilty of money laundering since Bitcoin isn't money, argues lawyer.

    Ross Ulbricht Money Laundering Dismissal

    businessinsider.com 01 Apr '14, 7pm

    Free Ross Ulbricht Ross Ulbricht See Also The Toy Car Company That Launched At Apple's Developer Conference Thinks It's Solved 3 Major Problems In Robotics 8 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone's Headphones Could Do How To Instantly Browse The Most Popular Images From All Of Reddit The ...

  • Bitcoin's Price Fluctuations Shouldn't Obscure Its Value As A Payments System

    Bitcoin's Price Fluctuations Shouldn't Obscure Its Value As A Payments System

    businessinsider.com 11 Apr '14, 5pm

    Unlike government-backed currencies, Bitcoin's elegant design places a strict limit on how many units can be created — 21 million. But each coin can be divided into 100 million pieces, which will allow it to scale as a payments technology. Bitcoin's daily average transaction volume st...