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  • Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Releases Official Statement "Unconditionally" Denying Newsweek's Bitcoin Story

    Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Releases Official Statement "Unconditionally" Denying Newsweek's Bitcoin Story

    buzzfeed.com 17 Mar '14, 6am

    In the statement Nakamoto writes that he “never consented to speak with a reporter” and alleges that “my prospects for gainful employment has [sic] been harmed because of Newsweek’s article.” The statement also lists off the 64-year-old’s recent medical problems, including prostate su...

    1. What’s in a Story? | dannorth.net 22 Mar '14, 6pm
  • 27 Reasons Singapore Is The Most Delicious Place On Earth

    27 Reasons Singapore Is The Most Delicious Place On Earth

    buzzfeed.com 19 Dec '13, 9pm

    WHAT THEY ARE: The country’s most popular street food, curry puffs are to Singapore what hot dogs and jumbo pretzels are to New York City. The traditional curry puff is a chicken and potato mixture coated in a mild, tumeric-based curry paste, wrapped in a thick, savory pastry crust, t...

  • Clinton Ally Knocks Claire McCaskill Over Sexual Assault Bill

    buzzfeed.com 16 Mar '14, 12am

    At a fundraiser for female senators and candidates on Friday, Susie Tompkins Buell paused to say a few words about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s military assault bill — and to break partisan ranks to criticize a top Democratic woman who didn’t support it: Sen. Claire McCaskill. Buell, the...

  • Is Google About To Get Into Bitcoin

    buzzfeed.com 23 Jan '14, 12am

    When asked about the Moderator page, a Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed the company has no current plans to incorporate the cryptocurrency. “As we continue to work on Google Wallet, we’re grateful for a very wide range of suggestions. While we’re keen to actively engage with Wallet u...

  • The World's First Bitcoin Vault Has Opened In London

    buzzfeed.com 12 Jan '14, 4pm

    6. In the past people have lost Bitcoins due to hacking or by mistakenly throwing away their hard drives. Co-founder Tom Robinson told the BBC: One of the main concerns people have with Bitcoin is that it’s quite difficult to store securely. Offering people insurance seemed an obvious...

  • Bitcoin Falls Flat Among Davos Crowd

    buzzfeed.com 24 Jan '14, 4pm

    DAVOS, Switzerland — The Saudi Arabian finance minister had a puzzled look on his face sitting in one of the lounges of the Congress Centre at the World Economic Forum. Ibrahim Abdulaziz al-Assaf was trying to remember where he’s heard the word “Bitcoin” before. The managing director ...

  • Brace Yourselves, Drake Is Coming Out With Gold Jordan Sneakers

    buzzfeed.com 04 Dec '13, 8pm

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  • Sign-Holding Student's Bitcoin Account Passes $25,000 After Being On ESPN

    buzzfeed.com 02 Dec '13, 7pm

    Mining for Bitcoins is a process still not really familiar to most people, but if you want some encrypted currency of your own, apparently all you have to do is ask and you shall receive. That’s exactly what a college student in Auburn, Ala., did this weekend when he effectively crowd...