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  • I'm also thankful for the birds who aren't turkeys!

    Mike Clark › Happy Thanksgiving!

    clarkware.com 28 Nov '13, 4pm

    Happy Thanksgiving! November 28, 2013 Today I'm also thankful for the birds who aren't turkeys. Read more posts in the blog archive »

  • Mike Clark › Rethinking The Competition

    clarkware.com 25 Oct '12, 7pm

    In this short podcast , Brooks Jensen tells an insightful story about competition he learned while working in a stereo shop in his younger days: The competition for us in the stereo business were the people who sold motorcycles, the people who sold vacation packages, the people who so...

  • JDepend

    clarkware.com 07 Nov '13, 1pm

    Packages that are stable should be the centerpieces of a loosely coupled application so the speed of the development team is not adversely affected by the propagation of software changes. Stable packages form design-by-contract facades to other subsystems, allowing teams to develop in...

  • Don't mistake these cute stocking feet as a sign of weakness!

    Mike Clark › Inbound

    clarkware.com 07 Dec '13, 6pm

    Inbound December 07, 2013 Don't mistake those cute stocking feet as a sign of weakness. More » Copyright © 1999-2013 Mike Clark. All rights reserved. Usage Guidelines

  • Went in tight to show some of the incredible detail and contrast in this wild creature:

    Mike Clark › At The Ready

    clarkware.com 28 Nov '13, 6pm

    At The Ready November 28, 2013 With talons and wings at the ready, this great gray scopes out the fields for a meal. I went in tight because I loved the contrast between the soft feathers, the face detail, and the razor-sharp talons. Read more posts in the blog archive »

  • Yeah, my first pet was a raccoon, which I guess explains my soft spot for these mischievous critters:

    Mike Clark › The Masked Bandit

    clarkware.com 26 Oct '12, 11pm

    When I was a kid we had a pet raccoon on the farm. So despite all the mischievous behavior of this critter, I still have a soft spot for raccoons. Their faces aren't a disguise—that's their true character! I photographed this kit while it was sneaking along the foliage of a lakeshore ...

  • Moose Falls:

    Clarkware › Moose Falls

    clarkware.com 14 Apr '12, 6pm

    Moose Falls April 14, 2012 Comments: Flickr Read more posts in the blog archive » Copyright © 1999-2012 Clarkware Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Discovered something spooky-cool in our maple tree, somewhat apropos for the week:

    Mike Clark › Queen's Chambers

    clarkware.com 29 Oct '13, 10pm

    Queen's Chambers October 29, 2013 One by one the leaves came down from our big maple to reveal an unexpected dwelling. It had survived high winds and heavy summer rains while going unnoticed. Tiers of papery insulation—each level spun into stratified layers of wooden color—protect the...